ExaFSA - Exascale Simulation of Fluid-Structure-Acoustics Interactions

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In scientific computing, an increasing need for ever more detailed insights and optimization leads to improved models often including several physical effects described by different types of equations. The complexity of the corresponding solver algorithms and implementations typically leads to coupled simulations reusing existing software codes for different physical phenomena (multiphysics simulations) or for different parts of the simulation pipeline such as grid handling, matrix assembly, system solvers, and visualization. Accuracy requirements can only be met with a high spatial and temporal resolution making exascale computing a necessary technology to address runtime constraints for realistic scenarios. However, running a multicomponent simulation efficiently on massively parallel architectures is far more challenging than the parallelization of a single simulation code. Open questions range from suitable load balancing strategies over bottleneck-avoiding communication, interactive visualization for online analysis of results, synchronization of several components to parallel numerical coupling schemes. We intend to tackle these challenges for fluid-structure-acoustics interactions, which are extremely costly due to the large range of scales. Specifically, this requires innovative surface and volume coupling numerics between the different solvers as well as sophisticated dynamical load balancing and in-situ coupling and visualization methods.

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  • preCICE
    A Coupling Library for Partitioned Multi-Physics Simulations on Massively Parallel Systems (Fluid-Structure Interaction / Conjugate Heat Transfer)


Prof. Dr. Miriam Mehl

IPVS, Universität Stuttgart
Universitätsstr. 38, D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany
Tel.: +49 711 685 88465
eMail: miriam.mehl@ipvs.uni-stuttgart.de

ExaFSA - Exascale Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interactions

project in the German Priority Programme 1648 - Software for Exascale Computing


Miriam Mehl, miriam.mehl@ipvs.uni-stuttgart.de