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My research interests touch especially the area of active learning in the field of robotics. So I try to apply machine learning techniques to the problem of autonomous robotics. This includes especially -- but is not limited to -- Bayesian techniques. In our curious robot project we experiment on autonomous exploration on our PR2 robot and use our active learning insights directly on real world problems. We are especially interested on degrees of freedom in the world and how robot could explore them and their structure to achieve task goals.

Earlier I was involved in the RoboCup Soccer team Fumanoids, where I wrote my master's thesis about humanoid gait generation.

I support the 'Erklärung der Initative für Hochschulen für den Frieden' (declaration of the initiative for universities for peace) against research for military purpose.


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  • J. Kulick, S. Otte, M. Toussaint: Robots Solving Serial Means-Means-End Problems, In Proc. of Combining AI Reasoning and Cognitive Science with Robotics Workshop at Robotics: Science and Systems, 2015, pdf
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  • J. Kulick: Ein stabiler Gang für humanoide, Fußball spielende Roboter, Masters thesis, Freie Universität Berlin, 2011, German, pdf
  • D. Seifert, H. Moballegh, S. Heinrich, S. Oe, S. Mielke, N. von Schmude, T. Weißgerber, K. Würfel, R. Jonschkowski, J.Kulick, M. Fröhlich, J. Streckenbach, G. Lubitz, N. von Geyso, M. Schubert, Fu Yao, S. Puhlmann, O. Morillo, L. Freitag, R.Rojas: FUmanoids Team Description Paper 2011, RoboCup 2011, pdf


  • J. Kulick, M. Block, R. Rojas: General Game Playing mit Stochastischen Spielen, Technical Report, Freie Universität Berlin, 2009, German, pdf
  • J. Kulick: World Description Language - A logical Language for agent-based Systems and Games, Bachelor thesis, 2009, Freie Universität Berlin, pdf


During my research I programed a few algorithms and put them to libraries. In my spare time I also program on some smaller projects. You can find them here. For all the even smaller stuff check my GitHub account.


I am a research assisstant and Ph.D candidate at the Machine Learning and Robotics Lab of University of Stuttgart. My supervisor is Marc Toussaint.

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johannes.kulick [at]

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