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My research interests touch especially the area of active learning in the field of robotics. So I try to apply machine learning techniques to the problem of autonomous robotics. This includes especially -- but is not limited to -- Bayesian techniques. In our curious robot project we experiment on autonomous exploration on our PR2 robot and use our active learning insights directly on real world problems.

Earlier I was involved in the RoboCup Soccer team Fumanoids, where I wrote my master's thesis about humanoid gait generation.

I support the 'Erklärung der Initative für Hochschulen für den Frieden' (declaration of the initiative for universities for peace) against research for military purpose.



  • J. Kulick, R. Lieck, M. Toussaint: Active Learning of Hyperparameters: An Expected Cross Entropy Criterion for Active Model Selection, arXiv e-pub: 1409.7552, 2014, pdf
  • S. Otte, J. Kulick, M. Toussaint, O. Brock: Entropy Based Strategies for Physical Exploration  of the Environment's Degrees of Freedom, In Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2014, pdf


  • J. Kulick, M. Toussaint, T. Lang, M. Lopes: Active Learning for Teaching a Robot Grounded Relational Symbols, In Proc. of the Int. Joint Conf. of Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), 2013, pdf


  • D. Seifert, S. Otte, J. Kulick, N. v. Schmude, L. Dohrmann, S. Heinrich, H. Moballegh, S. Mielke, L. Freitag, S. Hohberg, J. Auer, M. Losch, R. Rojas: Berlin United – FUmanoids Team Description Paper 2012, RoboCup 2012, pdf


  • J. Kulick: Ein stabiler Gang für humanoide, Fußball spielende Roboter, Masters thesis, Freie Universität Berlin, 2011, German, pdf
  • D. Seifert, H. Moballegh, S. Heinrich, S. Oe, S. Mielke, N. von Schmude, T. Weißgerber, K. Würfel, R. Jonschkowski, J.Kulick, M. Fröhlich, J. Streckenbach, G. Lubitz, N. von Geyso, M. Schubert, Fu Yao, S. Puhlmann, O. Morillo, L. Freitag, R.Rojas: FUmanoids Team Description Paper 2011, RoboCup 2011, pdf


  • J. Kulick, M. Block, R. Rojas: General Game Playing mit Stochastischen Spielen, Technical Report, Freie Universität Berlin, 2009, German, pdf
  • J. Kulick: World Description Language - A logical Language for agent-based Systems and Games, Bachelor thesis, 2009, Freie Universität Berlin, pdf


In my spare time I program on some smaller projects. You can find them here. For all the even smaller stuff check my GitHub account.


I am a research assisstant and Ph.D candidate at the Machine Learning and Robotics Lab of University of Stuttgart. My supervisor is Marc Toussaint.

Berlin office:

c/o TU Berlin
Marchstr. 23
Room 5.002
10587 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0) 30 - 314 25395

Stuttgart Office:

Universitätsstr. 38
70569 Stuttgart


johannes.kulick [at]

You may consider contacting me encrypted. my gpg key.

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Normally you can just knock at my door (if it's not already open).