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The submission deadline is extended to November 22th, 2010.

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Workshop Scope

The focus of WASA-NGI 2011 is on the impact of global sensing on architectures, services, and applications for the Next Generation Internet. In particular, geosensor networks and public sensing have evolved as novel and important research fields. They offer applications easy and efficient access to sensor data at the scale of billions of sensing devices. This data are of high relevance to a wide spectrum of applications, for instance in the field of environmental monitoring, traffic control, or smart energy grids. It is of high importance that communication architectures and services for enabling such systems are highly scalable and able to cope with massive amounts of sensor data in order to meet the requirements of emerging applications. These requirements range from hard performance and quality demands to ensuring security and privacy for the provided data. They are particularly difficult to meet in the face of the heterogeneity of sensors, sensor networks, and communication architectures. Coping with these challenges requires an integrated research effort involving researchers from a wide spectrum of different research fields. This workshop aims at bringing researchers and practitioners together that are working in areas such as sensor networks, architectures and services for the Future Internet, P2P overlays, complex event and stream processing, pervasive computing, and novel communication paradigms like opportunistic and delay tolerant networking. You are invited to present your current work in the area of global sensing and to discuss and identify main challenges, and foster new cooperation in the field.