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We are an autonomous research entity within the Machine Learning & Robotics Lab of the University of Stuttgart, Germany. We also take part in the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen.

We are funded by the regional "System Mensch" alliance that investigates the "human system".


  • We are looling for a student worker, 20h/week.
  • Our paper on Prediction of Human Full-Body Movements was Best Paper award finalist at ICRA, Paris, France.
  • We offer two new courses with the Machine Learning and Robotics Chair:
  • We are co-organizing the 2nd Workshop on Long-term Human Motion Prediction May 31st at ICRA, Paris, France.
  • We are editing an IEEE Robotics Atomation Letters (RA-L) special issue on Long-Term Human Motion Prediction subission deadline July 1st.
  • Looking for Master Thesis intern with Robert Bosch GmbH
  • We were recently speaking at: ‌Workshop on AI and Its Alternatives in Assistive and Collaborative Robotics @ RSS 2019
  • Checkout our new colloquia speakers: ‌AI Colloqiua Speakers
  • We are hiring for Master Theses:
    1. Learning Reactive Programs for Interactive Robots
    2. Hierarchical Inverse Reinforcement Learning from Motion Capture Data
    3. Neural network user intent prediction for robot mobile teleoperation