Hauptseminar Machine Learning (WS 13/14)

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Exploiting large-scale data is a central challenge of our time. Machine Learning is the core discipline to address this challenge, aiming to extract useful models and structure from data. Studying Machine Learning is motivated in multiple ways: 1) as the basis of commercial data mining (Google, Amazon, Picasa, etc.), 2) a core methodological tool for data analysis in all sciences (vision, linguistics, software engineering, but also biology, physics, neuroscience, etc. ) and finally, 3) as a core foundation of autonomous intelligent systems. In this seminar students will present seminal papers from the area of Machine Learning. Background in Machine Learning, e.g. from the Machine Learning course, is necessary.

This advanced seminar will be held completely in English. INFOTEC, cybernetics and other master students are welcome.

Participants have to give a presentation and write a summary paper.


  • 20 min presentation of the paper
  • 10 min Q&A
  • The other students should be able to grasp the paper afterwards!
  • The other students will give you feedback.
  • DATES: 15th, 22nd and 29th of January 2014 (check table below).

Summary paper

  • Do not plagiarize! Writing a summary paper means that your describe, in your own words, the paper’s motivation, contributions, limitations and relations to other work. When refering to the author’s work, say “the authors propose…” or “they developed…”.
  • Summary papers must be written in the style of ICML (Int. Conf. on Machine Learning) using their style files (preferrably LaTex). Find these style files online.
  • The bibliography should follow scientific standards, preferrably using BibTeX as described in the ICML style.
  • total of ~3500 words with the following content
  1. Motivation and problem: What was the authors’ motivation for this research. What is the problem they are trying to solve.
  2. State-of-the-art and contributions: What was the state-of-the-art BEFORE this paper and what do the authors aim and claim to contribute to the state-of-the-art with this work.
  3. Summarize the methods, techniques, theory, algorithms, etc, that they develop.
  4. Summarize their evaluation results.
  5. Research and discuss the impact that this paper had on later research (e.g. use Google Scholar to find citations of this paper).
  6. Add a personal assessment of the paper including critique and suggestions for improvements.
  7. DEADLINE: 26th of February 2014.
DateSpeakerSelected Paper
2014.01.15Vincke J.“A View of the EM algorithm that justifies incremental, sparse and other variants”
2014.01.15Scheuefele K.“Active Learning for Parameter Estimation in Bayesian Networks”
2014.01.15Mehlbeer F.“Conditional Random Fields: Probabilistic Models for Segmenting and Labeling Sequence Data”
2014.01.15Fuchs S.“Active Learning with Statistical Models”
2014.01.22Hirschmann S.“Discovering Hidden Variables: A Structure-Based Approach”
2014.01.22Fleischer L.“Identifying Hierarchical Structure in Sequences: A Linear-Time Algorithm”
2014.01.22Hamann M.“Graphical Models: Structure Learning”
2014.01.29Fontanarosa R.“The infinite Markov Model”
2014.01.29Rupp T.“Knows what it knows: A Framework for Self-Aware Learning”
2014.01.29Ziegenhagel A.“Support Vector Machine Learning for Interdependent and Structured Output Spaces”


NOTE: Currently, some of these papers are rather long journal versions; others much shorter conference papers. We now provided also the corresponding conference papers for long papers, which you can take as basis for your report. (This is except for the seminal historical papers around 70ies or 80ies, for which there typically do not exist shorter ones. But they’re easier to read anyway.)



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