Welcome to WASA-NGI-VI

WASA-NGI-VI, the 6th International Workshop on Architectures, Services and Applications for the Next Generation Internet will be held in conjunction with the IEEE Local Computer Networks (LCN) conference in Sidney, Australia.

A rapidly changing application landscape poses new challenges to the Internet infrastructure in terms of scale and flexibility. New applications, for example, social networks allow large number of users to interact and cooperate pervasively in a “Web2.0-style”, exchanging considerable amounts of data. These users connect dynamically through a wide number of heterogeneous communication technologies. Further dynamics result from a strongly varying set of users as well as from their changing requirements. Network services must respond elastically to such dynamics.
Furthermore, the integration of sensors and RFIDs in objects of everyday’s life has enabled an intelligent interconnection of real-world objects – the “Internet of Things” – at the scale of billions of devices. Applications like weather simulations rely on dedicated sensor networks integration that produce enormous data volumes, which are expected to reach soon the exascale. Sensor information gathered by satellites already nowadays produce volumes at a rate of Terabytes per second. Since the transmission of large data volumes implies high costs, network architectures and services need more intelligent support that supports to move functions closer to the data to be processed rather than moving massively data between functions of applications.
This workshop intends to provide a platform for researchers to discuss progress for novel network architectures and services to support emerging data-intensive Internet applications. The workshop is especially interested in approaches that expose high flexibility for scaling applications and efficiency in the access of data streams by considering aspects like QoS, mobility, and interoperability and accounting/using the requirements/possibilities of novel communication technologies.


13. May 2013: Submission deadline extended to 27th of May
08. Mar 2013: Call for Papers online [html] [txt] [pdf]


Co-Chairs Roland Bless Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Boris Koldehofe University of Stuttgart, Germany
Oliver Waldhorst Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
Program commitee Erik-Oliver Blass Northeastern University, USA
Paolo Costa Imperial College London, UK
David Eyers University of Otago, New Zealand
Phuong H. Ha University of Tromsø, Norway
Holger Karl University of Paderborn, Germany
Martin Karsten University of Waterloo, Canada
Hugo Miranda Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
Vijay Sivaraman University of New South Wales, Australia
Kurt Tutschku Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden