Opening Session


Session1. Global Data Management

09.40-10.10Paper Slides
Christoph Gerdes and Jörg Müller
Data Centric Peer-to-Peer Communication in Power Grids

10.10-10.40Paper Slides
Arjan Peddemors and Eiko Yoneki
Decentralized Probabilistic World Modeling with Cooperative Sensing

Coffe Break

Session 2. Security in GSN

11.00-11.30Paper Slides
Alexander Podlich, Manfred Menze, Thomas Weise, and Christian Gorldt
Intelligente Wechselbrückensteuerung für die Logistik von Morgen

11.30-12:00Paper Slides
Philipp Hurni, Thomas Staub, Gerald Wagenknecht, Markus Anwander and Torsten Braun
A Secure Remote Authentication, Operation and Management Infrastructure for Distributed Wireless Sensor Network Testbeds

12:00-12:30Paper Slides
Christoph P. Mayer
Security and Privacy Challenges in the Internet of Things

Lunch Break

Session3 Design and Applications

14:00-14:30Paper Slides
Jochen Furthmüller, Mario Pink, Hannes Hartenstein and Oliver P. Waldhorst
Overcoming a Communication Barrier on the Way Towards a Global Sensor Network

14:30-15:00Paper Slides
Andreas Benzing, Klaus Herrmann, Boris Koldehofe, and Kurt Rothermel
Identifying the Challenges in Reducing Latency in GSN using Predictors

Closing Session

15:00-15:30 Wrap Up and Discussion